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Dr. Robert M. Miller clinic


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Dr. Robert M. Miller is an extraordinary horseman and person.

His knowledge about horses is worldwide well–known. He has been in all 5 continents giving clinics about horsemanship, keeping veterinary conferences (Dr. Robert M. Miller is a vet) or treating horses or other animals.

Dr. Robert M. Miller is known as the father of the Imprinting and Early Training on Foals.

Very few people know like Dr. Robert M. Miller does, the history of the horsemanship. On March 2012, during the Road To the Horse event he has been named as “Horseman of the Year 2012”.

In his lectures Dr. Miller provideds tons of information and the way he passes the love for horses to each person is unbeliavable. His sense of humour makes every single minute of his lessons a very pleasant moment.


We are currently trying to set up a clinic with Dr. Robert M. Miller. It might takes place in the area of Hamburg, Duesseldorf, Munich. Additional info will be provided as soon as it is available!



Topics during the 2 days clinic will be: horse behavior, safer horsemanship, imprinting training.

If you are thinking to be at one of his clinics, I would suggest to start reading Dr. Miller's books. In particular I find fundamental: “The Revolution in Horsemanship”, “Natural Horsemanship Explained”.

Very interesting DVDs: “Safer Horsemanship”, “Early learning” and “Understanding Horses”.

Note: Since in his lectures Dr. Miller uses a projector, the number of specttor is limited to the capacity of the room where the clinic will take place.


Date: To be defined.


Hours: Each day from 09:00 to 16:00 with 1 hour break at lunch time.


Languages: English with simultaneus translation into German.


Venue/location: To be defined.


Participation fee: At Dr. Robert M. Miller clinic there will be only auditors - The fee will be notified as soon as we have a plan about the date and place.


Contact for applying:

Filippo Smedili

Mobile: +49 160 9253 6283 (please call in the evening or at the weekends).

Email: or:


To know more about Dr Robert M. Miller click here.


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Dr. Robert M. Miller Videos


Dr. Robert M. Miller presented by Spalding Labs Fly Predators


Dr. Robert M. Miller about Safer Horsemanship


Dr. Robert M. Miller Understanding Horses







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Mobile: +49 160 9253 6283