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Horsemanship is far beyond that just a matter of training horses.

It involves the relationship we have with the horse and all the has to do with sharing our space and enviroment with them. This means that it has to do with what we offer them, how we take care about them which in turn means nutrition, hooves, health, etc.

It is very important that we offer the horses an environment which is as much natural as possible to what they are used to. They have been living for more than 45 million years and within this time they have reached an optimal condition and equilibrium. That's why they have survived.

I am glad to share with you links about horsemen, associations, people, etc. who are trying to work in this direction.

I would like one day to have a wider list which includes for example, hospitals for horses where a higher priority to natural approach therapies is given. Next step would be to have a collection of data where people in different part of the country can easily find what they are looking for. Unfortunately many times we look for hoof practitioners, vets, nutritionists, trainers, barns etc. and to me often it seems like we never find the "right" ones and keep changing vets, hoof practitioners or even worse we move our horses from barn to barn our entire life.

Feel free to get in contact with me for feedback. That would be highly appreciated.



Tom Dorrance


Bill Dorrance


Ray Hunt


Dr. Robert M. Miller, DVM


Lester Buckley


Richard Winters website and on


Randy Rieman website


Rudy Lara


Piet Nibbelink website and on


Jack Brainard


Eitan Beth-Halachmy


Jon Ensign


Joe Wolter


Bryan Neubert


Martin Black


Buster McLaury


Paul Dietz


Chris Cox


Alfonso Aguilar


Peter Pfister


Peter Kreinberg


Walter Weber Mayr


Allen Pogue


Linda Tellington-Jones


Jeff Sanders


Leslie Desmond


Buck Brannaman


Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling


Steve Halfpenny


Peter Campbell


John Saint Ryan


Larry Mahan


Mike Bridges


Mark Rashid


Monty Roberts


Pat Parelli


Guy McLean


Mary Ann Simonds


Jean-Philippe (JP) Giacomini


Lisa Maxwell


Sarah Jane Clarke


Judi Cross-Strehlke


Karen Rohlf website

and on


Philippe Karl


Johann (Hans) Riegler


David De Wispelaere


Marc de Broissia


Arthur Kottas-Heldenberg


Michel Henriquet


D. Francisco de Braganca


Dom Diogo de Braganca


Manuel Jorge Martins de Oliveira


Anja Beran


Manolo Mendez


Manolo Oliva






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